IT Club
SACS IT Club - A new initiative

Hey everyone!
You may not know it, but the web site you are now looking at is completely designed by and maintained by the SACS school's I.T. "Club."
I.T. means Information Technology, and refers to all kinds of internet and communication technology the way it is used in the real world.

We are extending the "club" of juniors and seniors, who have a proven record of being responsible and dedicated. If you are interested in joining, below are the details.

Dates 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
30/July/16 Introduction to computer Hardware and Networking
20/Aug/16 Picture /ppt MS office 1 HTML c/c++
03/Sept/16     MS office 1 HTML Practical c/c++
19/Nov/16 Input Devices Word Internet browsing HTML c/c++
03/Dec/16 Output Devices Excel Algorithm & Flowchart HTML Practical c/c++
17/Dec/16 I/O Devices Quiz Word, Excel Quiz Internet & Email HTML Quiz c/c++
07/Jan/16     Word/Excel Practical Code studio from HTML Theory