Year Plan 2018-19 Sem - II

02-Oct Sunday Gandhi Jayanti
04-Oct Tuesday ISKO  Olympaid/ Gandhi Jayanti Celebration
5-7 Oct   Pre-primary Medical camp
07-Oct Friday Students' Picnic (1-7)
11-Oct Tuesday Dussehra
12-Oct Wednesday Moharrum
13-Oct Thursday NCO  Olympaid
15-Oct Saturday  Open day (1-10)
17-21 Oct   Medical Camp
18-21 Oct   Staff Evaluation (school as usual)
24-Oct Monday Fr. Manager's  B'day
25-Oct Tuesday Diwali celebration/Teachers' Seminar (Bombay)
26-27   Co-curricular competitions (1-10)
28-Oct Friday Diwali Break 
07-Nov Monday Outstation Excursion
12-Nov Saturday Return from Out station Excursion
14-Nov Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti/Children's Day
15-Nov Tesday School re-opens
19-Nov Saturday IT  Class/ Science Club
24-Nov Thursday NSO  Olympaid
21-26 Nov Tues-Saturday FA.3
01-Dec Thursday IMO  Olympaid
03-Dec Saturday IT  Class/Science club
16-Dec Friday Sports day
12-Dec Monday Eid -E-Milad
17-Dec   K.G/ Nursery Annual Day
19-Dec Monday Fr. Abraham's B'day
23-Dec Friday Christmas Celebration and break
03-Jan Tuesday School Re-opens
07-Jan Saturday IT  Class/Science Club
9 -13 Jan   FA - 4 Exam begins
15-Jan Sunday St. Arnold feast
19-Jan Thursday IEO  Olympaid
21-Jan Saturday IT  Class/Science club
26-Jan Thursday Republic Day
30-Jan-8 Feb   Pre-Board Exams
04-Feb Saturday IT  Competitions/FA4 Open Day(1-9)
10-Feb Friday Farewell to Std.X
18-Feb Saturday  Prize Distribution/Open Day STd.X
19-Feb Sunday Shiv Jayanti
    Staff Picnic
20-28 Feb   SA2 for Co-scholastic subjects/ Oral Exams
24-Feb Friday Mahashivratri
9 -20 March   SA - 2 Exam 
13-Mar Monday Holi
24-Mar Friday Nursery Report
25-Mar Saturday L.KG- UKG Report
27-Mar Monday I-II Report
28-Mar Tuesday III-IV Report
29-Mar Wednesday V-VI Report
30-Mar Thursday VII-IX Report
03-Apr Monday School Re-Opens(New Academic Year)
14-Apr Friday Ambedkar Jayanti/ Good Friday
28-Apr Friday Last working day for students
01-May Monday Last working day for teachers
General Planner