About us


  An Arnoldian is expected:

  • To be intellectually competent, open to growth, loving all and committed to do justice by generous service to others with a clear sense.
  • To develop the quality of mind and heart (competence and compassion.)
  • To cherish community values and learn to live harmoniously in the society.
  • To be leader in struggle for better human world and community of love.
  • To love and respect all religions, cultures and castes.
  • To grow in respect for all forms of life especially human life.
  • To develop a spiritual vision of the world in the face of materialism, concern for others in the face of egoism and simplicity in the face of consumerism.

  Therefore, egoism, deceit, craze for possessions, spirit of unhealthy competition which takes   advantage of the weakness of others will have   no place in   our educational aim but every Arnoldian   will form the above aims and vision as her/his Life-ethos as he/she achieves the many   faceted   growth in their   respective years.


Every student studying and passing out of this school must have grown in his/her sense of the divine,   respect for human life, compassion for   the poor,   concern for justice, awareness of oppressive social   structure and commitment to help to build a better human society.

Therefore the school aims at:

  • The fullest moulding of the students God-given talents.
  • Sound intellectual growth enabling reflective, logical and critical reasoning.
  • Developing the communicative skills.
  • Attitudinal formation of values of respect, love and service.
  • Development of sense of self-worth (realistic, knowledge, love and acceptance of self) and to become a responsible individual within the human community.
  • Development of an ability to critically assess the reality, the values and trends of the society, honestly confronting social injustices of racism, sexism and religious intolerance violations of human rights, and the problems of the socially marginalized.


Arnoldians take pride of being a part of this institution and are:

  • Hard working, setting high goals and standards and are persistence in their efforts to achieve them.
  • They aspire to be mentally, physically and psychologically strong.
  • They are aware of social structure and national goals and are able to accept and discharge personal responsibilities.
  • Avoid vulgarity in their talk and behavior Arnoldians try to speak correct English.
  • Offer up help to any unattended visitor coming across in the school premises.
  • Respectful to the authorities, teachers and elders, greet them, help them to carry any heavy things if they are carrying.
  • Realization that hard, persevering, systematic and creative personal efforts is the only stepping-stone to real success especially in studies.
  • Conscious that true nobility consists in being honest and sincere decent and gentle, in speech behavior and action.
  • Keep their school clean and neat, in and out. An Arnoldian loves to leave the school and its premises clean by picking up any wrapping or waste material lying on the ground and placing them in dustbin provided.
  • Arnoldians are brothers and sisters and therefore, every one is to be treated with brotherly sisterly dignity and decorum.

The desire to observe these above must come from within and must be genuine, only thus can one’s character be formed



  • Two Circles : they stand for integral education in a global context.
  • Games : Stand for the integral personality development of children/students in the context of co-education.
  • Computer : Symbolises the modern learning skills of science and technologies.
  • The Book and The Pen : They symbolize the learning skills of reading, writing and speaking. To that end the Societas Verbi Divini (SVD) or The Society of the Divine Word pledges to mould the future of children/students to be the productive citizens of society at large.
  • The Rising Sun : It stands for hope and inculcation of value-based education to children/students.



The motto of our school is 'Moulding the Future', which we have expressed in the pregnant Sanskrit form, भविष्यस्य संस्कार: (Bhavisyasya Samskarah). Children/Students are our future. They do not come to us as a 'clean slate' or 'tabula rasa' to be filled with information. Rather, they come with a lot of potentialities that, like clay, need to be moulded, trans-formed and perfected. This notion is aptly expressed by the very rich word Samskarah. In our context, the prefix sam conveys the idea of refinement, polishing, completeness, perfection, and so the word samskarah, corresponding to the word 'perfection', encapsulates the meaning of moulding, transforming, refining, cultivating, purifying, sanctifying and the like. Samskarah thus takes a holistic and integral approach: developing the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the one's personality. Through imparting knowledge, excellence, values, empowerment towards liberation and national integration, teachers exercise their midwifery function of 'e-ducating' (derived from the Latin 'to lead out'), bringing about a new birth by transforming the raw, natural, ordinary material(prakrta) into something polished, beautiful, cultured and perfect (samskrta).